When you are looking to buy an LED light for you boat, its is more like buying a new TV or computer than "just a light". LED fixtures include circuit boards and a host of technologies that enhance performance and ensure that they will maintain that performance for many years. Here's what you need to know before you buy:

Color Choice

LED lights are offered in a wide range of colors. Some fixtures even offer multiple colors from the same fixture. Unlike older technologies such as halogen and incandescent, LEDs can come in a range of different tones of white (as well as colors like red, blue or green). The shade of white you choose is important as it will have a major effect on how spaces feel - and how objects appear. This is called "color Temperature" which is a measurement in degrees Kelvin (K) that indicates the color hue of a specific type of white light source.




Thermal Management

While it is accurate that well-designed LED fixtures radiate no heat into an illuminated space, it does not mean that heat is not generated within the picture at all. A small amount of conducted heat is a by-product of the process through which LEDs convert electrical energy into light. To achieve the high output and reliability desired for marine LED fixtures, this heat must be moved away from the LED through some sort of thermal management or heat-sinking within the fixture. Each manufacturer does this in different wats, so be sure to inquire how it is accomplished before you make a purchase. 

Color Consistency

LED Now that you have chosen which color is right for you, amen sure that your manufacturer is able to consistently deliver products with matching colors from fixture to fixture. In LED manufacturing, there is a process called binning which is the process of separating LEDs based on their. characteristics and assigning them a specific bin code.  Proper binning ensures a high level of color consistency. For Imtra products for example, they choose from very specific bins so we can be confident that all the lights we deliver meet a rigid color consistency protocol.

Warranty & Reliability

LED It is important to choose your LED manufacture as carefully as you choose your fixtures. make sure that you understand what level of support you can expect in case you have a problem.