QT80 UWL Underwater Light

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1 unit
UWL LED underwater lights for boat QT80 available in white and blue with integral driver

The QT80 LED underwater light features all in one driver technology and exchangeable inserts, this allows servicing and upgrades without the hassle of hauling your boat. With 5,500 lumens of light power and it’s 68° degree beam angle the QT80 LED is recommended for boats up to 90 feet, installing each fixture 2 - 4 feet apart for the best illumination. The housing of the QT80 emulates the proven design of the UL Ti MATE 80 and can be retrofitted with the new QT80 LED insert. The small 2.5” (61mm) cut out size and compact insert means it can be installed almost anywhere on the boat. Built from anodized aluminium and armor coated AB2 bronze.


  • Suitable for boats over 65ft in length
  • 68 degree beam angle
  • Available in single color White and Blue and full RGBW color change
  • 5,500 Lumens light output
  • 40,000 hours life expectancy
  • 12/24 vDC input power for single color and color change fixtures
  • Reverse Polarity protected
  • Over temperature thermal roll back protection
  • Supplied with all mounting and connection hardware
  • Growth Resistant lens