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Low level lighting is essential for external walkways onboard and creating ambience on the interior. A carefully curated interior/exterior is one that is balanced to work in a variety of situations from full brightness for cleaning to subtle low tones for night time dining. We recommend paying particular attention to color temperatures of the LEDs of other lights, such as downlights in the same rooms/areas. Match as best you can. 

  • Alma Courtesy Light

    Alma Courtesy Light

    Description  This is a slim flat surface mount courtesy light, stainless steel bezel.  Dimensions of product  Length: 80 mm (3.15")  Width: 37 mm (1.46")  Specifications  3 flat LED's  Stainless steel...

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  • Anywhere Light

    Anywhere Light

    Description Where can you use a light that is attractive, bright, small, completely sealed and withstands the elements, yet blends with well-appointed interiors? Well, anywhere! This surface mount lights constructed with a quality aluminum...

    $39.95 - $98.00
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  • Articolo (L1064)

    Articolo (L1064)

    Product name: ARTICOLO (L1064) Color Temperature: 3,000K Voltage: 10-30V DC LED 0.5 Watts Bezel: Polished Stainless Steel Cutout: 26MM *SEE BELOW FOR MEASUREMENTS*  

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  • Aruba Courtesy/accent light

    Descriptions  The Aruba offers a wide bright indirect beam. This light is suitable for exterior uses and needs, is fully sealed and IP67 compliant.  Specifications  CRI: 70+             ...

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  • Bimini


    Description:  LED found on website by Part #: 41100P (Warm White) 41101P (Cool White) 135406.204 (Blue 12V) 135406.211 (Red 12V) 135406.205 (Blue 24V)  135406.207 (Red 24V)  The Bimini is an small oval shape courtesy light...

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  • Bullet


    The Bullet is Voltage specific.  Description:  The Bullet is an exterior/interior courtesy light. It is a micro-sized LED light fixture that comes packed with an astonishing powerful light output comparable to a light fixture that is many...

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  • Carpi Courtesy Light (6-8 wk lead time)

    Carpi Courtesy Light (6-8 wk lead time)

    Download spec sheet here.  Description Courtesy LED light suitable to enlighten pathways for orientation, contribute to security on stairs and identify architectural elements with small accents able to guide us and direct our attention. Square...

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  • Challenger


    Description:  LED found on website by Part #: 004.00015.000 (Blue)  004.000152.000 (Warm White) 004.000153.000 (Cool White)  004.000154.000 (Red)  The Challenger is only the fixture itself and the LED insert is sold...

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  • Cockpit LED Light QL-CP-RLED

    Cockpit LED Light QL-CP-RLED

    Description  White housing  Red LED  12V  longer life: approx. 50,000 hours  Low heat  Completely sealed, waterproof, dustproof  Shock protected Draws less than .10 amp   

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