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Surface Mounted

Overheads on a boat are typically low and have minimal depth behind the headlining. Marine downlights are specifically design for this. Most modern marine downlights are now LED which has resulted in the form of the fixtures becoming more compact and smaller and surface mount fixtures can be used when there is either limited room behind the headlining or none.

Surface mount lights tend to be bulky so one consideration is head clearance in the areas you use them.

Older style downlights typically were halogen or incandescent and although these fixtures are still available to buy they tend to be for additions to existing vessels. 

  • Action LED surface mounted downlight

    Action LED surface mounted downlight

    Description The Action Light is an IP66 recessed LED surface mounted downlight. It has a 13mm square trim composed of plastic plated in white. It is available in a warm white led bulb color. Dimensions  Frame 140mm x 116mm  Depth...

    $86.25 - $133.50
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  • Andros- Surface Mount

    Andros- Surface Mount

    Specifications  Surface Mount light  Diameter 150 mm or  5 7/8 For G4 bulb  Stainless steel bezel  Curved frosted glass  1 year warranty  IP65 DIAMETER: 150MM (5.91") HEIGHT: 30MM (1.81")

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  • Aurora Dome light

    Aurora Dome light

    Description Our customers told us they wanted a high-quality LED replacement for the ubiquitous dome light. It had to be bright, with wide even light. They wanted a clean look, an intuitive and reliable switch, and a notable level of quality. We...

    $89.00 - $109.00
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  • GAI2 heavy duty base

    GAI2 heavy duty base

    Description The versatile general Area Illumination (GAI) light is available with a solid aluminum heavy duty (switched and unstitched) for applications requiring a more durable mounting option. GAI is fully sealed and IP67 compliant...

    $189.00 - $219.00
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  • GAI2 Positionable Light

    GAI2 Positionable Light

    Description Limiters General Area Illumination (GAI) light is a versatile light in an elegant package. Fully positionable and available in various finishes and outputs, the GAI is perfect as a reading light in a cabin, a task light in the salon, or...

    $169.00 - $219.00
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  • Gibraltar Downlight

    Gibraltar Downlight

    The Gibraltar surface-mount dome light is an attractive and durable dome light fixture that may be used for general interior illumination or for exterior helm and cockpit illumination.  Its stylish, highly polished stainless steel bezel with...

    $206.10 - $242.10
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  • Halo Flush Mount Downlight

    Halo Flush Mount Downlight

    Description  Class-leading output, weatherproof construction, and the simplest installation in the industry. With a shallow-depth profile (less than 1/2" mounting depth) and a secure composite mounting system, the lights are...

    $49.95 - $109.00
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