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Underwater lights

Underwater lighting over the past 5 years has become a must have for every boater. Not only do you look good at the dock but underwater lights are great for fishing and night time trips. We carry the most reputable and well known brands in the industry. There are a lot of cheaper versions in the market, mainly made in China and the far east but when it comes to putting a hole in your boat, we would only recommend using the tried and true. We stock OceanLED, UWL by Underwater Lights Limited and Lumishore.

Key factors that you should look for are

  • Mounting either a traditional Thru hull mount or a surface mount if access at the transom is limited. 
  • Voltage AC or DC? LED's have a low power draw but the more powerful lights are AC only.d.
  • Color Single color or color changing? White is traditional but color change gives you the freedom of choice.
  • Brightness Measured in Lumens, bigger is always better!
  • Price the brighter the light tends to be the more expensive

As underwater lighting tends to be an expensive purchase we recommend calling into our store or giving us a call to talk through the options and best solutions for your boat.