Vimar- ROTARY MASTER DIMMER 120V Part #16603.120 ***SPECIFIC to LED***

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This is a Dimmer 120V - 60Hz for: 40-500 W Incandescent lamps, 40-300 VA electronic transformers, 10-200 W CFL Lamps, 3-200 W LED lamps and LED electronic transformers, control with built-in push button or from NO peripheral push buttons, control and regulation by rotary potentiometer, MASTER function, minimum power control, visible in darkness. Not for loosest enclosures. 

Dimensions of product 

Width: 24.80 mm (1") 

Height: 50.10 mm (2") 

Depth: 60.40 mm (2 3/8")


  • Plastic 
  • grey 
  • Flush mounted 
  • Dimmer 
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